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Securing Operational Technology Providers in Mining


Over the last decade, VPNs have worked well to secure the confidentiality of remote user's access to the client or corporate network, but over the last few years there has been a paradigm shift towards remote work. Through this change, worker patterns have evolved from working one-two days at home to three-four days.

The change in worker patterns matched with digital transformation has accelerated the pressure to secure critical remote operations from rapidly increasing cyber threats. Organizations have been using IT tools to secure their operational technology systems - which is putting OT systems at risk. Operational technology systems can't be managed with traditional IT tool as they require different security protocols and access control in order for these systems to be securely accessed internally and externally by third-parties and business partners. These systems are mission critical to large organizations, and support multi-million and billion dollar operations that require security and continuity on a 24/7 basis.

Solving Problems

Restoring visibility, auditability and control

Restoring visibility, auditability and control

Technology service providers can now see who accessed what and when across 100s of mine site customers.

Standardised remote access

Standardised remote access

Technology service providers can now connect the same way across all mine site customers.

Significant operational efficiencies

Significant operational efficiencies

Technology service providers reduced the existing connection time from 3-15 minutes down to 5-10 seconds per connection.

Key Features of the Dull Platform

Direct Application Access
Dull provides the speed and simplicity for users to connect directly to the application, without comprising users experience or blocking traffic to the selected application.
Connection speed
Dull empowers users to connect directly to the application within seconds, rather than 3 -15 minutes per connection. When managing 1000s of connections, this empowers technical teams to become superiorly more efficient when accessing systems across many different network environments
Connections isolated from the corporate network
Dull enables users to connect directly to the application without seeing any other systems within the corporate network - helping maintain a strong security posture when accessing operational technology systems across many different network environments.
Work with existing systems
Dull helps organisations scale with security and efficiency. With the Dull Platform, organisations can use their existing infrastructure to securely connect their users to the approved services without comprising the networks security. This allows Dull to be deployed across existing access in a fast and non-disruptive manner within the same business day.
Standardised access across all organisations
Instead of operating and maintaining different access methods and products across multiple organisations. Dull standardises access across by maintaining one way of connecting across all organisations. This can be achieved through the existing connection or natively with Dull.
Complete visibility, auditability and control
Manage all users, connections and sessions from the Dull Platform, helping simplify the control and management of each connection. The Dull Platforms helped centralise critical data and session logs for management and IT teams, allowing information to be shared with relevant users and organisations who may need to see it at any given time.

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