Zero-Trust / SD-Wan / Perimeterless

Seamless encrypted networking

Link people and systems across organisations using direct encrypted connections without VPNs or Gateways.

Break down the barriers between teams, departments, vendors, consultants, and partners. Unlock more productivity, simplify executive oversight, and reduce cyber risks.

Provide pin-point access for applications, data, and devices. Monitor and log it all from the control center.


An Easy Scientific Choice

Unlike others who are evolutionary, Dull is revolutionary, built on fundamental new computer science, that unlocks new improvements and capabilities

Full Control with Simplicity

Beat uncertainty with a single platform. Manage and audit access, and monitor activity across your organization in realtime.

One Network Security

Our revolutionary new technology, MicrotunnelingTM, makes it possible to craft and control your networks in one place. Most organisations have multiple remote access tools, because they cannot cater for all of your needs, as well as the needs of our technology partners. Our Technician Access product addresses this today; and, our roadmap of new products for IoT, Home Access, and System Integration, will further consolidate your technology into one place with the best performance.

The Most Transparent

Security that can be human-verified. Independent logging for all partners. Realtime visibility and monitoring.

The Fastest

Direct connections without gateways removes the bottlenecks that cause delays and distract employee focus.

The Easiest

Work simply with people accessing services, rather than struggling with gateways, VPNs, and phonecalls.

The Most Secure

Our modular MicrotunnelingTM technology makes it possible to select the best for your organisation.

The Most Compliant

Technology used to get in the way. Now greater compliance can be accomplished across multiple stakeholders

The Most Compatible

MicrotunnellingTM works alongside your existing tools, and can be rolled out in small groups with low risk.

Enterprise Grade

Dull integrates with all of the big names in identity, firewalls, and cloud. Dull can connect to any kind of system endpoint, from databases to IoT devices

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