Zero-Trust / SD-Wan / Perimeterless / ZTNA

Encrypted networking platform

One versatile solution for multi-cloud networking without VPNs or Gateways

Transition to a simpler solution that lets every team secure their own zone. Gain the freedom to create smarter connections that unlock new capabilities for world-changing innovation.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) for Everyone. Define pin-point access to applications, data, and devices.


Technician Access

For technical teams who need network-level access without jump boxes

  • SSH / RDP / SQL / LDAP / HTTP / more ...
  • Authorization, Encryption, and Auditability
  • Part of your Micronetworking™ platform
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Direct Integration

Integrate systems without Web APIs and SFTP

  • Connect systems faster
  • No more hidden integrations
  • Part of your Micronetworking™ platform
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Micronetwork™ control

For managers to directly control connections without delays from the central IT service desk

  • Delegate cybersecurity responsibilities throughout the organisation
  • Network security done right, once.
  • More platform modules to come



5 devices

100MB total storage

Community support


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200 devices

100MB per device

Basic support


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Volume discounts

Private hosting

Priority support


Instead of separate incompatible solutions, a unified Dull Micronetworking™ solution gives you a single place to establish trust and define standardized encrypted connections. Our modular connection technology has the most flexibility to solve your connection and security needs across your multiple clouds with your customers, vendors, and partners.


Realms let you plan and control your connections.


Connectors work together to create individual Microtunnels that handle encryption, routing, logging, and more; all distributed.

Existing Hardware

Hardware can be refocused on speed, availability, and reach.