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Isolate users to individual applications isolated from the corporate network

Simplicity meets Security

Simplicity meets Security
Connect directly to the application without exposing other systems or the OT network.
Establish secure remote access to OT services in a matter of clicks.
Define users to an individual application, isolated from the OT network.
Connect to approved OT systems in seconds, not minutes.​
Provide one-time connections that destroy instantly after the connection is closed.
Manage third-party access with granular control, isolated to individual OT control systems.

Improve your security posture across multiple organisations

The Dull Platform provides engineers with end-to-end encrypted connections that destroy instantly after the connection is closed.
The Dull Platform defines users to an individual application isolated from the OT network, allowing engineers to connect directly to the application without seeing anything else: protecting OT availability with Zero Trust.
Reduce the attack vectors by removing multiple systems, highly targeted tools, and workarounds used previously to access systems and applications.
The Dull Platform helps protect OT endpoints security by verifying a user’s identity with multi-factor authentication.

Dull | Secure Remote Access

Understand how Dull's Secure Remote Access (SRA) secures your supply chain to your industrial control systems (ICS) operational technology (OT).

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Secure remote access to managed devices, systems and applications.

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