Smarter Network Access

Dull Micronetworking™ is the next generation in secure network access that enhances your security posture, simplifies management, and unlocks new possibilities with secure network collaboration.

The future of secure networking

Why Dull?

Secure. Fast. Simple. Flexible.

More Than A Software Defined Perimeter

  • Multi-party network access that allows organisations to collaborate with complete control, visibility, and audibility.
  • Direct connections to systems, devices, applications, and databases.

Introducing Collaborative Access Control

  • Until Dull it has been hard to coordinate access between organisations because administration is labour intensive and slow, and only one organisation can be in control.
  • Dull has created secure access technology that allows multiple organisations to collaborate efficiently with fast and managed access.
  • All parties have complete control, visibility, and auditability of who is accessing what and when.

Reach Deeper

Remote access for technical teams who need application and data level access

  • Multi-party collaboration with transparency, control and audibility for all parties.
  • No more jump boxes.
  • Improved service response times.
  • Faster innovation.
  • Continuous vendor monitoring.
  • Zero-Trust posture.

Connected systems

Integrate systems without middleware

  • Create simple direct secure connections to databases.
  • Approvals are managed, encryption is consistent, and integrations can be monitored and audited.
  • Consistently enforced encryption and logging, and many optional add-ons.

Thrive with Dull


  • Alleviate human labour, reduce workforce costs and reduce mistakes.
  • Streamline productivity with structured management, visible documentation, and granular control.
  • Allow management to thrive with more time for innovation.


  • Protect data and services across multiple stakeholders and organisations.
  • Have complete visibility with primary evidence logs for all connections.
  • Standardise encryption and access controls.


  • Save costs with reduced friction and latency between networks and systems.
  • Eliminate remote access workarounds with Dull’s Micronetworking™ technology.

Industry Verticals

Creating smarter industries with smarter networking



Oil and Gas

Critical Infrastructure


Public Sector


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