Technician Access

Remove the technical barriers to innovation

With remote access software that gives you tighter control, deeper cooperation, and greater transparency.

Consolidate a mess of undocumented workaround access solutions

Only Dull can accommodate the compliance needs of both multiple organizations working together. With the best flexibility, there are no edge cases or undocumented workarounds holding you back, so you can work closer to grow.

Technicians often gain undocumented side-access so they can work around the limitations of your main remote access system.

There are valid reasons for these workarounds, and in most cases, a manager has approved it. Some workarounds might be as risky as a 4G modem left behind by a contractor.

In all cases, you lose control and compromise security. If it fails, who should be blamed? The technician, the staff who permitted the workaround? No one wins.

Limit access to what is needed, without exception

Dull is the first system to build cooperative access from the ground up, one element at a time. This means you get fine-grained control to permit complete deep access where it’s needed, and no more

Broad access controls are a liability. A technician might need access to a database to fix an issue with some data. Without fine control, they would be given to a whole machine, making mistakes more likely with greater disruption. MicrotunnelingTM technology makes it possible to easily connect the technician only to the resources and services they need, and nothing more.

Leverage natural business connections

Your business works with managers and accountability by contracts, but remote access systems have been unable to accommodate this. Dull is the only solution that complements the way you naturally do business.

Helpdesks are traditionally burdened by service requests that ask to set up remote access for new people. This causes delays to service, and two people might choose to share a login instead, which is terrible for security compliance.

IT support staff are not the right people to manage access. How does a technician know who they can trust? What access should they be allowed to have? They cannot be expected to keep up with the all relationships within an enterprise. The IT department should not be doing this.

Dull makes it fast and easy for the right people in the business to grant and manage access. Managers, staff, and contractors create and approve the right access themselves in seconds..

Release your technician’s full potential

When technicians have limited access and information, they cannot help you as well as they can.

Remote Desktops are great for working from home, but technicians need network-level access. Remote Desktops seldom have the right tools installed for the technician, and with a human required to use a mouse and keyboard, service cannot be automated and improved.

With the right access vendors can automate monitoring and respond faster to problems, giving you higher operational uptime and more time to focus on improvements instead of problems.

Dull has leading new technology that connects systems at the network level with fine access control and the best security.


No more hidden liabilities

The best compliance

Tighter control

Deeper collaboration

Greater transparency

Part of a growing consoliated platform

Improved service response times

Faster growth and development

Enable continuous vendor monitoring

Unlock greater maintenance efficiency

ZTNA Security Posture

Choose the platform that
sustains you into the future

Peer delegated access
Multi-party cooperation
Modular encryption
Open & transparent
No gateways
Independent logging
Access alerts
Direct database integration

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