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Core Features

Dull’s platform comprises of Core Features and Advanced Features. Core Features are available as one offering with Advanced Features able to be purchased separately with the Core Features.

Identity Based Access Management

Identity Based Access Management is a Software Defined Perimeter implementation of Zero Trust providing granular access control on a least privileged basis.


Realms provide conceptual boundaries of control for part or all of a managed by a hosted control plane Realm Manager. Realms are sovereign and policy can be applied on a Realm-by-Realm basis.

Collaborative Access Control

Collaborative Access Control enables collaboration across Realms in a controlled and secure manner while at the same time ensuring that each Realm maintains its sovereignty.

Dull Platform

Advanced Features

Technician Access

Technician Access is Remote Network Access for managed devices, systems and databases and has been designed for technical use cases.

Direct Integration

Direct Integration co-ordinates direct network access to databases. It provides the ability to directly integrate with databases and other systems to gain access to granular data in those systems and databases.

MultiParty background

Multi-Party Access

Collaborative Access Control

“Dull’s Micronetworking™ technology provides a secure multi-party access solution without VPNs or gateways. Allowing organisations to collaborate in a secure network access fabric, with greater flexibility and control.

Simple to deploy, use and manage via a hosted dashboard style control plane, Dull’s revolutionary Micronetworking™ technology enables encrypted Modular Microtunnels to be established, providing frictionless access to systems, devices, and databases anywhere at any time.

The technology is completely software defined and can be deployed with minimal disruption, without the need to replace your existing underlying infrastructure.

Micronetworking™ opens a new world for organisations to collaborate by enabling “Realms” to collaborate while at the same time ensuring each Realm is “sovereign” with each Realm given visibility, and audibility of who, what and when activities took place within a Realm.

The next generation in secure network access that enhances your security posture, simplifies management, and unlocks new possibilities in secure network collaboration.”

Complete Control

Seamless Remote Access

Remote access for technical teams who need smarter network access.

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  • Multi-party collaboration with transparency, control and audibility for all parties.
  • No more jump boxes.
  • Improved service response times.
  • Faster growth and development.
  • Continuous vendor monitoring.
  • Unlock greater maintenance efficiency.
  • ZeroTrust Security Posture.

Standardised Security

Simple Direct Integration

Integrate systems without Web APIs and SFTP.


  • Create simple direct secure connections to databases.
  • Approvals are managed, encryption is consistent, and integrations can be monitored and audited.
  • Actionable information in one place, enabling deeper insights for customer support and business improvement.
  • Consistently enforced encryption and logging, and many optional add-ons.
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Platform Benefits

  • Faster remote access setup.

  • All parties having complete control, visibility, and auditability of who is accessing what and when.

  • Better security compliance with standardised encryption and documentation.

  • A single communication access-control system (Remote, Internal, Cloud, and IoT).

  • Documentation of connections - naturally collected as each connection is set-up.

  • Primary audit log evidence for all participating organisations.

  • Capability to coordinate access with complex groups of organisations, with shared data requirements, and end-to-end supply chain communication requirements.

  • Standardised security policy throughout.

  • Control smaller business units, distributing responsibilities and reducing the extent of isolated cyber-attack events.

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