Beyond the frontier of SDP and ZNTA

  • Dull Micronetworking™ goes beyond SDP implementations of ZTNA and provides the foundation for an advanced SASE architecture without the reliance on centralised gateways, VPNs, or hardware. Providing secure access to devices, systems, and databases via Modular Microtunnels.

Benefits of Micronetworking™

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Never Trust, Always Verify

  • Dull Micronetworking™ technology implements Zero Trust tenets by establishing trust via identity, adopting a strategy of least privileged access and providing visibility of network activity via logging.

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Software Defined

  • Dull Micronetworking™ implements Zero Trust Network Access via a simple and transparent to deploy software defined perimeter.

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User-Centric Architecture

  • Micronetworking™ enables collaboration between Realms. Realm administrators via their dashboard can approve cross-Realm Collaboration. This unique feature of Micronetworking allows multiple organisations to work together on an equal footing with visibility and control. Other technologies are limited to only one organisation setting up new connections and having visibility of activities.

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  • Distributed Connector Agents are coordinated by a controller server. This enables network communication without single points of failure, and better performance with more direct communication paths.

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A Smarter Way to Connect

  • Dull's Modular Microtunnels are customisable so they can be customised to suit a specific situation and upgradeable, so they stay current.

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In-Connection Intelligence

  • Instead of utilising central processing for security policy enforcement, Dull’s Micronetworking™ technology applies these features within the connection itself.

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